Aqua Class

Celebrity, just to be different has several classes of balcony cabins. Given the occasional vagrancies of pricing – military fare in the Aqua Class turned out to be cheaper than that it a regular balcony. There is no difference in size. In fact, other than the placement of bed and couch, the cabin is suspiciously like the cabin on Deck 6 that Carmen and I shared on the Constellation this summer. The location is a matter of h a couple of decks higher with a bit more movement when the seas are active. What supposedly sets off this class are the “amenities.”

Ok, having bottled water is nice as is having various teas delivered without question. I can take or leave the flowers. I most assuredly can leave the atomizer. The scent in the diffuser – well I have smelled better in Serbia and just leave it at that. The two biggest advantages which seem to have attracted the most people is access to a specialty dining room (smaller, quieter, food marginally better) and access to the sauna, steam rooms, relaxation and hot tables without additional cost.

Otherwise – the sea is blue, the shower works just fine and I have actually spent a few minutes on the balcony (to do something other than hang up laundry!)


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  1. carmen says:

    That is what Yvonne and I found with aqua class on the Century, except that we didn’t have some of the amenities you list. We did get little snackies before dinner – every time involving olives, plus three other little plops of things. The balcony furniture was nicer. I think 9th deck is an excellent location, within stair walk of almost everything.

    Happily, there was no scent diffuser, or I would have dis-installed it. (Well, i would have had Mr. Clyde dis-install it.) I can’t breathe with that stuff.

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