April in Paris

Yes, I know it is June and that April in Paris did not happen this year. The closest Maus and I were able to get is this puzzle – a new one from Liberty – which we did this evening.

by Linnea Pergola

by Linnea Pergola

The alternative was cleaning up in the studio (a good hour), sorting through fabrics and patterns (including a trip to the attic = 2 hours), a trip to the recycle center and the library at PHV with a car load (2 hours) and baking bread (with the machine either 5 minutes or 3 hours). Actually – I meant going back and adding time to one of those fun adventures.

Maus, like a sensible teenager, called it quits and headed for bed. The Mole, stopping by was willing to work on one of the new Phil Lewis puzzles which arrived while I was down range.

Foxy = Phil Lewis

Foxy = Phil Lewis

This one turned out to be much harder and we managed to sort out only a small portion. Since it is a wooden puzzle, laser cut with completely irregular pieces, the border is not traditional. Working on it first is more difficult that putting together some of the odd pieces or finding an area and just working out from there.

It was around midnight when I decided that solitaire and the BBC audio broadcast seemed better uses of my time. Knitting or sleep would have been much more sensible, trust me, than sliding my finger around the iPad for an hour playing Yukon.

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  1. Angeluna says:

    Gorgeous puzzles. Love jigsaw puzzles.

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