Another Packout

And it is day 10 of the cruise. Time to pack up and be organized. Or at least packed.

Which is probably why, after very carefully fitting everything in I made one last sweep of the room. Under the bed I found the Celebrity Bag which held my sunblock, bug spray and snorkel gear from where I had shoved it a few days ago. Hum…. space required in duffle bag.

Take out extra towel – Carmen needs an extra towel, right? After all, it is not like I don’t have several at home. She can then go home with a matched set.

“Hey – want another towel?”

Didn’t take too much arm twisting and she had plenty of room in her duffle.  I managed to get everything else artfully stashed including all those NZ and Australian magnets that I forgot to remove the last time I was home. I can lift the suitcase. I can lift the duffle bag which now has towels and gear rather than chocolate and gummi bears.

Now all I have to do is remember to put the suitcases outside the door….

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