Another day, another lecture: Another sock?

I know that there are those who have well trained dogs. Those that fetch when requested, perhaps even items such as papers, slippers or the
portable phone that is ringing in the next room. Ours is a retriever. She does live up to her breed. But instead she treasures socks and underwear. Not out of the clean laundry, not for her. Instead she has a thing for those items which are a bit more fragrant. I find these soggy, half shredded pathetic bits of fabric and a dog who will not look me in the eye.


Now that I have in my possesion a lovely, typed two-page report from the Politzei verifying the van seats were stolen, I will tackle the insurance company. Apparently I am just another victim of an Eastern European theft ring that specializes in Ford and Sharan [VW] van seats. Who would have thought?


The young man has been warned. He returned today after being in Stochach for the last couple of weeks. He had a great experience learning a lot about optics and bio-technology. The town, on the other hand is really small. Quiet even. Great for sleeping, no nightlife. None. At 16, the fact that there were limited opportunities for trouble while he was staying at a bed and breakfast suited me fine. Trying on his new socks, he was enamoured. They fit perfectly, not bad when I had made some guestimates based on shoe size.

But they are not to be left anywhere that the dog can get them.


I am on the heel flap of the second Jody, courtesy of a monotone SAEDA lecture this morning. I just gave up and pulled out the sock. Sitting in the back, I decided it was much better to knit than to snore.



From Castel dell’Ovo – what city do you think? If you are not sure – you can look here

Shabbat Shalom

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  1. amanda j says:

    Who would believe there was a van seat black market! That’s incredible! I used to be a bit less tidy than I am now, and got in my car one day . . . it took me a while to realise it had been broken into and some things were missing. What they wanted with a baby sized NY Yankees cap was beyond me!

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