Another 0400 morning

I am beginning to suspect that the time zone does not matter. I wake up at 0400.

In California, I wrote off the early awakening to being off on time zones. On the cruise, I happily blamed my back pain. Once back in Germany – well obviously my sleep disruption was a result of changing 9 hours of time zones again. Stopping in New York, obviously, I had no clue where I was or what was going on.

But here I am in Reno, once again wide awake at 0400 in the morning which happens to be significantly dark. Since we have free WiFi here at the Peppermill it seemed a good time to sort out a few photos and to let all of you know that I have not completely lost it (well mostly, but not completely…..)

Which means I have started to clear out the backlog of Alaska photos.

Today was spent running Kaffee Klatsches, Miriam spent the day being the coffee girl complete with tray and I completely collapsed at 2030, missing the Hugos and all the parties. The party girl managed to get to most of them, reported outcomes and got back while the buses were still running……

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3 Responses to Another 0400 morning

  1. Ann says:

    Could the 4am time have anything to do with a life in the Army???

  2. Holly says:

    Nah, just being totally confused and waking up at a weird time. Last few times across the water it was 0200 which makes a lot more sense.

  3. Bruce says:

    Most of us just hop the Atlantic every year or two.

    I’ve lost count of your trips since you retired.

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