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  1. Oh right – so that was a little over a book read a day? I was struggling to read one (for pleasure) a week last year – just too damn tired of reading anything by the end of the day!

    I am not making any New Year Resolutions!

    • my only real resolution this year is to enjoy each day. And to accomplish a little bit, whether it is cross-stitch, knitting, reading or just running errands for someone else.

      Not numbers of books, not countries visited or miles flown.

      That and I need to replace my good suitcase

  2. I went through a knitting book purge in the fall. Got rid of tons of books I no longer used or cared about. All my fair isle books were tossed. Sigh. So I just finished a stranded yoke sweater, and loved doing it, and want to make a trillion more. But no colorwork books survived the purge except for a couple of cute kid books. Went on Amazon and ordered my 2 favorites. Be careful what you toss; you may want them again.

    I need to purge all the yarn I have, too. Since I knit with a Chabad group, I can always donate yarn there. 2 of the women knit squares for charity blankets, so they can use just about anything.

    Fabric? I can’t toss anything there; it’s all so gorgeous and precious! I should not buy any more; but that’s awfully hard to do.

    • a lot of my yarn is colors or textures I will never use. I don’t need bulky. I have a lot of weaving yarns on hard. Objectively, I am not going back to weaving. Given a choice between a multi-harness complex loom and a high end sewing machine – I bought the sewing machine.

      I have fabric that is so aged I don’t know when I bought it. And certainly I have patterns from the 60s/70s/80s.

      Fiction? several thousand of those paperbacks that someone else could enjoy.

      perhaps a box a day?

      hadn’t thought about Chabad here – but it would be a possibility for a donation.

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