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  1. Good morning Holly !! Greetings from Vision. We are the second day in Muscat on our first cruise of 3.
    I guess we are alike when it comes to coffee. Here we still have the good old WMF machine. I don’t know if they have different coffee on ships, this is kind of bitter, needs a lot of milk.

    Enjoy the day … and the coffee ☕️

    • Yes – in spite of central ordering it seems that there are several variety of beans that get purchased. To top it off – they can adjust the grind so that it uses more or less coffee….

      I wouldn’t mind going back to the Vision – but I really don’t care for cruising in that area..

    • It means it is not worth bringing along decent tea. And then there is the shot of expresso, a lot of milk and a whole packet of hot chocolate mix that is no longer an option.

      The Concierge says that they put in a complaint every week and count up the number of passenger complaints about it….

  2. Not being a tea or coffee fiend I am beginning to get alarmed. Where’s the drinking water? We cats like to lap our water! 🙂

  3. We’re doing Freedom on a trans atl this Apr.
    not happy about new coffee machines

    T Y 4 the heads up

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