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And the ongoing Augsburger Saga — 13 Comments

    • It’s the second of I don’t know how many. The previous one is a spiral. That and the progress photos on this one are under the projects tab above, sub tab which ever fractal. I’m already considering the next one. With several choices, I am contemplating posting my choices and asking for opinions…

  1. Ka boooom ! “Honey lets visit your parents while they remove the bomb !! ” What’s so hard with that ?
    I think I sleep with a Exeter hat !?! Keeps my bald head warm and the room dark when pulled down. Great item..

    • Exeter is actually a knitting pattern. The crown comes together like the arches of the Exeter cathedral. Aka watch cap is the generic for the style. Do you need an extra or two? Pick a color, happy to name and send the to you!

      • Wow ! In all honesty I was hinting ! Hmmm it worked but not without a bit of guilt.?
        Any color would be wonderful..The most value will be in who was the knitter.

        • Of course you were hinting. Is this for indoor, outdoor or both? Blaze orange might be good for outside, inside not do much. Pink? Of course Jo can pitch in on color choice. Some people only like solids. Others are willing to take a chance on yarn with more than standard guy (black, brown, grey, navy)

          • All is good except pink. Otherwise taking a chance is great ! Most common use is for sleep but I guess that could change.

  2. Just a note to thank you for sharing your many talents with us since 2011. We don’t read all your posts but the ones we do read are always well written and interesting. We were so sorry to learn of your recent diagnosis and will stay with your future posts and lend encouragement if and when you need it. No one knows what lies ahead and 2016 had been a tough year in our extended family too.

    Of all the people we have met in our many years of travel, you are one of the most interesting!!

  3. morning, Holly
    the cross stitch reminds me of the tennis shoes you wore on board when we met. I haven’t done much cross stitch, free style embroidery was my thing.

    • Oh, yes! My rainbow jogging shoes. I had forgotten all about those. Bright colors can be really fun. I like counted cross-stitch – it is like coloring inside the lines!

  4. Sounds like you have your treatment in order. When do you start?
    Glad you are home and have the kids around. It must be, if not always a comfort, at least a distraction.

    Hope your holidays are joyful and filled with light.
    Onward and upward my friend.

    • Sorry to hear that you have also been a customer of the medical system. I wish I could say the odds weren’t going up as we age, but simply that is not true.

      Take it easy, rest. Light candles, have a few Latkes. And look for a yarn package in the mail next week…

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