And she’s off!

My original plans for the day involved a long drive to Landstuhl, a drop off of large number of books and otherwise finding my way to the grocery store. I had thought about dropping CherĂ© off at the airport but I just couldn’t face the traffic. She was amenable to taking the Lufthansa shuttle which starts from Heidelberg and goes directly to the airport without a change or stop. Unlike the train which always includes a change in Mannheim unless you are traveling before 0600 or after 2100.

(She arrived safely in Dublin and got to the hotel with only moderate challenges thanks to the “helpful man” who put her on the wrong coach. If she hadn’t been familiar with the area she might have wound up back in Cork!)

But I didn’t drive to LRMC. My excuse was I wanted to be home when the Eldest arrived was dropped off. She arrived in country yesterday and spent the night with friends. To be honest, I was glad for the reason. The thought of driving more than 200 km round trip when there was no yarn in sight did not thrill me. Of course, I didn’t drop off the boxes of books as planned either which is much more of an issue.

But I had a lovely time talking to my daughter, making a grocery trip and enjoying the wonderful salad she made for dinner. I might at times wish that I had her abilities in the kitchen, but then someone actually might expect me to cook.

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