And on to Zanzibar

And today it got complicated since 10 of the group area heading home on KLM via Amsterdam this evening.

Me? I’m off to Zanzibar….

According to the brochure:

After breakfast this morning, we’ll depart for Arusha, where we’ll enjoy lunch and bid farewell to those travel companions who are returning home today. Then, we transfer to Arusha Airport to board our flight to Zanzibar Island, known as Unguja to the locals. Upon arrival, we’ll check into our hotel. This evening dinner will be on our own.


Lunch was at a restaurant close to the airport. Not bad at all, but we have had better, especially the food at the Serengeti Camp.  Farewells were said to those heading home then the five of us (plus our tour leader) headed to the airport. For those that have been in Africa, it wasn’t as large as Livingston but had a full share of  shops….  It was also our lucky day – there were enough people wanting to fly to Zanzibar that we took a much bigger plane than originally scheduled (and me with my extremely heavy backpack).

leaving Arusha

leaving Arusha

The distance isn’t large – 16-30 miles from the coast (the nearest most distant point of the largest island)



Chaos ensued at the arrival airport – but we managed to get our luggage and out of there in a reasonable time. Our Hotel is called the Swahili House. Built in the 1800s, it transitioned from private ownership to public hotel via revolution and political change.  In any case the view from the roof dining area is amazing – and the architecture is amazing ….

and the sunset was pretty impressive from the roof top

looking toward Africa

looking toward Africa

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