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  1. I think there is something to be said for people being required to clear some vegetation rather than just leaving it lying around. It simply adds to the fuel load. What I see in the hills behind us terrifies me. We have just paid someone to come in and clear some of the excess vegetation on our property but the neighbours on one side had (quite literally) knee high excess vegetation in some places. (It is also a snake hazard and we have extremely venomous snakes in close vicinity.)
    We really feel for those in Cslifornia right now.

    • Much of the land is federal. It is home to wildlife. So when you clear out the underbrush you change the environment and destroy the homes of rabbits, moles, ground dwelling birds plus disrupt the predators who feed on the previously mentioned critters.

      No way around it, the gradual increase in temperatures, the decrease in rainfall and people moving out into wild areas = more fires.

      But, according to a certain idiot – global warming is a Myth…

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