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  1. Beautiful knitting project and great job on the room. I am sorry you are having to deal with the inefficiencies of our beloved puzzle palace and all its subsidiaries while attempting to get your real life back on track too.

  2. In my opinion if you retire on the wrong orders you will not be able to get them changed. You’ll have to live with the results.

    I would tell the powers to be to extend your service until the orders are properly written. I’d refuse to retire. You have every right to have a pissy fit. Whoever wrote the orders should be disciplined. They knew you had time constraints and they dropped the ball, big time.

  3. Progress is definitely being made, and you can be justifiably proud of accomplishments. Inge just wants to know where you find time to knit.

  4. You had me remembering the time we cleaned the garage by bringing
    everyhting just inside to where we could see/arrange/sort/toss more
    clearly. Someone stopped by, the place was a heap, and I told them, “The
    garage threw up.”

  5. Holy Moly, Holly. Are those GLASS closet doors? How unforgiving.

    It’s looking better for sure. I usually get to the “worse before it gets better stage”, run out of steam and get stuck. My bedroom closets look great at the moment. My bedroom does not. All the stuff that came out of the closets and is looking for new places to live.

    Hmmmm, LLS is doing a pick-up tomorrow. They may just get much more than planned.

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