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  1. I have to tell you……and you probably already know it…..you are an amazing woman. First, the narration based on your “Madame Lafarge” point of view, then the kind offer of cookies (efficiently delegated to the children, which I had to laugh at!), then the photo of “the hat”. You always make me smile.

    Keep up the good work! You are meeting this head on, as you do with everything (I will NEVER forget the story of the orphan socks in the laundry room). Stay the course. You are amazing.
    Happy HEALTHY NEW YEAR to you and your wonderful family.

    • I keep thinking things coulee be so much worse. I could be in the situation of not having any choices. I could be penniless and on the street. I could be a bitch. Oh, wait! I am one…

      Never mind, that sort of slipped out.

      and I am dreaming of running off to a ship….

  2. Jo bought a tub of chocolate chip dough. I baked up several batches and thought the quality good. She added walnuts to hers. I prefer plain. Just saying.

  3. And, from what I can see of it, the hat looks strong and masculine – good choice I would say.

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