And across the Atlantic


Fri Apr 24 Boston, MA 5:00pm
Sat Apr 25 At Sea
Sun Apr 26 At Sea
Mon Apr 27 At Sea
Tue Apr 28 At Sea
Wed Apr 29 At Sea
Thu Apr 30 At Sea
Fri May 1 Cork (Cobh), Ireland 9:00am 5:00pm
Sat May 2 Portland, England 11:00am 9:00pm
Sun May 3 Paris (Le Havre), France 7:00am 11:00pm
Mon May 4 Cherbourg, France 7:00am 5:00pm
Tue May 5 Brussels, Belgium 9:00am 7:00pm
Wed May 6 Amsterdam, Holland 10:00am 9:00pm
Thu May 7 At Sea
Fri May 8 Gothenborg, Sweden 8:00am 5:00pm
Sat May 9 Copenhagen, Denmark 6:00am

Admittedly the map is a bit weird. From what I know, Amsterdam is on the Atlantic Side…

Any way – Cheré and I are on our way across the ocean in a fancy cabin, no less.

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