An Angel

There is nothing in life better than a good friend.

I met Anita in my first few months here. She was an instructor in the Communications department over at Sandhurst wanting to know about the role of women in the US military. Since then, she has transferred to an educational department within MOD and teaches leadership, management and skills courses.

We have become solid friends over the last couple of years; making the occasional castle excursion, trading audio books and meeting for supper on the spur of the moment. I hauled her to Germany with me last week since she had never been. The Mole took her on a Heidelberg tour while I did those pesky information courses.

This morning she showed up at my door ready to help me clean, sort and pack. You can’t beat a friend like that. It is not that I could not have managed, but it was just so much easier with someone else to give me encouragement, to haul away the charity shop donations, and fill the garbage cans with refuse.

Even with a supper break, by 10 pm when she left, I could see the end in sight. The top floor is done, Ms Soprano’s room cleaned out, and the kitchen organized. I might just be able to manage the rest!

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