Amtrak #79

The Carolinian rolls from Penn Station in NY to Charlotte, North Carolina. I didn’t notice the first couple of stops but looked up when we paused in Trenton. I started to think about New Jersey and the bad rep it gets in print, TV and movies. It isn’t all Jersey Shore, Stephanie Plum, the Mafia and cows.

Mostly it was countryside and bridges between Trenton and Philadelphia where the car started to fill up a bit more. Apparently this is the first passenger train running this section since the accident last week. Amtrak had offered full refunds through tomorrow for anyone who is ticketed and changes their mind about traveling on the train.

The Wifi is working and actually much more responsive than anything I have recently experienced on ship. Amtrak actually provides a tracking window featuring the train’s current location just in case you don’t have a clue as to the local geography.

I managed to stay awake for the trip and arrived only about an hour late which for Amtrak really is pretty close to being on time. I would like to say the Bahn is doing better. The rails maybe properly maintained at home, but promptness is no longer a virtue.

In any case, I contemplating a nap….

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