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Amazing Service — 15 Comments

  1. and amazing service it should be, after all the business you are giving them;)
    Continue relaxing and enjoying;)

  2. I wish I could see the cross stitch with a frame for reference. It’s very captivating in the photos. Sounds like terrific service on that ship! I enjoyed the kids’ birthday pics.

    • the one pic is of the original picture, the second is the cross stitch as it is designed. I think it is going to be a looononnggg time before I will be able to show off the completed version..

    • planned cross stitch. The program does a lovely job of charting and provides a nice “what it will look like stitched” view

  3. That cross stitch looks amazing. Makes me wanting to do a similar one,

    Hope you have a good time at sea.

    • Royal. I have cruised with them enough. OTOH, I have seen them accommodate just about anyone who is not totally insane and is willing to explain what they need. They have a special diet area which never, ever has nuts, gluten or seafood….

      I’m also nice. I think it helps to repeatedly thank people for their effort.

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