almost packed

or maybe not, I can’t tell. What I can tell you is that today has been consumed with running here and there on errands for various family members followed by the friends who were going to stop by for lunch not making it till close to 1600.

This, of course, blew the little that remained of my schedule completely out of the water. So – altho I have done three loads of laundry today – I am not completely packed.

The printer gagged on paper as we were trying to print boarding passes, repeatedly managing to jam and shred paper until what was left of the blank ink cartridge was empty. At this point, rather than take a hammer to the feeder mechanism I sought help.

The Mole unpacked the printer which I had packed up in the UK about this time last year, plugged it in, added paper and – amazing – I have printed boarding passes. Which reminds me – printing boarding passes has nothing on the Deutsche Bahn which wants you to specify an identification method at booking time. At printing time (and I should have done this immediately but hadn’t figured that part out) you have to enter this specific information in order for it to cough up your ticket.

Like I remember what credit card I used for the ticket? Or that Maus used her Bahn card for ID (which makes sense since she is traveling back at a different time and won’t have my credit card).


I also didn’t get all the books for some of the VBBs (Virtual Book Boxes) posted to my shelf at Bookcrossing which meant a few more “I am really sorry emails.” I won’t even mention that I did get all my hard drive back ups complete, everything synced and pictures edited. Hardly counts since I didn’t get them posted.

At this rate, I will be sleeping on the plane tomorrow….

(train time is 0547……)

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3 Responses to almost packed

  1. ruth says:

    Holly, Are you going to have a bit of time for getting together for lunch next week?


  2. Nana says:

    Oh boy, this sounds so hectic.

    I hope, your trip will be eventless from there on. Train ride, flight
    and all other travels going smoothly, renovating the same smoothness.

  3. Carmen says:

    Oh you poor dear! I always plan to get packed early, and never do.
    Well, I hope your trip is going well!

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