All gone to look for America

I don’t think that any of us slept all that well last night and I am sure that I rank right down there with mold on my daughter’s list of all time favorites. Did I mention that she doesn’t really like to travel? Being places yet, but not exactly the process of getting there. A plane flight would have suited her just fine. I think I am lucky she is speaking to me.

But the scenery today was incredible. All done with Iowa/Nebraska/Kansas type flatness. This was the canyons and rivers of Colorado and mountain peaks that take your breath away. Rapids too fast and dangerous (Class 5) on the upper portion of the Colorado River meant lower locations and shorter rides for most of the white water rafts. US Park Service isn’t stupid. The last thing they want to do is have to rescue mooners (apparently a long standing traditional way of greeting passenger trains) from drowning, head injury in a narrow canyon. They don’t feel at all responsible for the burnt eye balls of the Amtrak passengers.

Pictures to be downloaded from my camera…..

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