Alicante was awash with Spanish sunlight this morning. Reflecting off limestone, sandstone, marble and white painted block, the city felt cheerful and welcoming. Not just to those off cruise ships, but historically those who fled other regions and countries but most recently the totally insane competing in the Volvo Ocean Challenge Race. It might make sense to some, but taking a racing sailing vessel with a team around the world through all manner of seas and weather is not my idea of the good time. Not that it stopped me from visiting the museum again, but just saying. ┬áDon’t ignore some of the more interesting graffiti

in favor of the intricately fashioned iron balconies and the fabulous doors. There is time to see both while walking the city.

Mount Benacantil towers on behind the city.
You can go reach the Castle of Santa Barbara one of three ways – (not including paid tours). The adventurous can hike into the city, partway around the mountain and hike up the road. The early birds can put a few Euros in the ticket machine and travel by elevator from sea level to the Casitiollo.

Then there is the Mercado in the more modern section of the city. The upper floor has the butchers with extensive displays of animal meats and the occasional cheese. The lower floor is fish with a side of bakery goods and personal products. After all, this is a port town.

There are bits of history tucked here and there around the city leading you on a hunt of treasures.

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