Wrong, I will be the first to admit it. Not the 400 steps that I remembered to Fjellstua but 418. The steps are safe and handrails sturdy at the key points. The scenery is breathtaking and the tourists amazing. To a man the guys are dressed sensibly with functional shoes. Not so the women; flip-flops and six inches heels?

Coming back down the hill I made a detour to the Husfliden, found I had left my wallet back on ship. Since the return trip looked to be worthwhile I also swapped my vest for a warmer jacket. If I had bothered to think, an umbrella would also have been smart.

(See! foreshadowing!)

I found postcards, the museum and the Salvation army charity shop but no fridge magnets. And yes to the Gudbrandsdalsost.

Then it started to rain with me hiking around in my good leather jacket. Unfortunately it seemed like most of the other passengers had the same idea. I just really wish some of them would be a bit more careful with their umbrellas or consider that the rule about taking cameras/phones out if their pockets includes them. A fact that would be much appreciated by the queue standing shivering in the rain.

But the photos are from before the rain. The city features a lot of wonderful Art Deco plus a fair bit of quirkiness.







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