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  1. We liked ketchikan totem pole museum and also salmon hatchery. Wedid not do ship tour there – we walked.
    Sitka – leon and Ira kayaked. I went to mmuseum and walked thru woods.
    Skagway we looked at gold rush museum – Skagway was kind of dumb.
    Whalewatching and glaciers are great.

  2. Have a great time on the Alaska cruise. We loved our Alaska Marine Highway trip years ago (no cabin…slept on the floor). Yours will be so much more comfortable. We especially loved Sitka and Skagway. Have you read Michener’s Alaska? If not, do so now before the cruise. You’ll be so much more familiar with the landscape as you go along. It’s a “big” book but I know you’ll eat it up in a few days (or hours).

  3. I hope you’re feeling better.
    The photo (not included in comment) is me at the edge of the Arctic Ocean (actually Prudhoe Bay, latitude 70 degrees/18 minutes, Beaufort Sea). We drove there on the Dalton Hwy last week.
    Having visited the area I’d vote for extracting oil and NG from the ANWR.
    Enjoy the sights.

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