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Alaska Cruise Tour — 5 Comments

  1. So, your next Alaska adventure has to be a winter visit! We attended to start of the Ididarod a few years ago. Also, hot springs north of Fairbanks at -40 F.

  2. WOW. Sounds wonderful. We leave on Saturday for a Grand Circle tour of the Danube–starting in Budapest and ending in Prague. On the way home we will stop in England to visit an old friend who can no longer travel.

  3. I hope you have a wonderful time! Alaska is wonderful!
    Here are our favorites and a couple of busts to avoid:

    1 watching the salmon in the river in Ketchikan
    2. the salmon hatchery in Ketchikan (you can walk there from cruise ship) – also there was a funny homemade sign that said “Bruchim Ha’baim” (welcome to those who come) in Hebrew. That may be gone by now. Some woman had been in Israel.
    3. bookstore in Ketchikan
    4. Was it Icy Point Strait that has the whales?
    5. seeing sea otters near Seward.
    6. Juneau – did the whale tour – ask if they are seeing whales. tour was worth it if you like to, and if they are. I did an eagle spotting tour where they cheated and threw out fish (a no no) to get eagles to come – the water was very low that year. (this was 2 different years)
    7. Gold panning tour in Skagway was a bust – Ira took the kids. I liked the museum, though. Skagway is kind of a tourist trap – maybe you could go hiking there.
    8. use mosquito repellant in Juneau.
    9. I LOVED the museum in Anchorage – I love ethnography and this was heaven!
    10. If you are with female children, there is a Nordstrom. Also, every woman feels just a little slimmer in Anchorage – I swear there are no anorexics in Anchorage. Note that as my father used to say, many of the women are “broad across the beam.”
    11. If you want to buy Eskimo/Native People art, there is a museum owned by them – or maybe it’s a store. I wished we had time to go there.
    12. Reindeer Farm – located by Palmer – was lots of fun. Lizzy and I stood on the porch and watched as Ira was surrounded by reindeer as he offered them the food the place sells. As he says, “They got slobber on my leather jacket.” Animals love Ira!

    Oh yeah there’s some Israeli-owned shop in Ketchikan – he’s an expensive artist – not Munchkin but some name like that!

  4. While you’re in Fairbanks, try to get to the museum at the U of Alaska. It’s first rate! Is George traveling with you? I’m so surprized you’re taking a “tour”. Ira and I have done Alaska twice (once in summer via Alaska Marine Highway and once in winter!!!). I thought you’d been there already. Have a great time.

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