Air Quality

This discussion has been on my mind for a few days. I didn’t post sooner because I decided the discussion really needed some comparision pictures (Seoul and Beijing). Then, after realizing that I did not have them with me (my Seoul pix are from 2005 and the Beijing from 2007), I figured that all of you could easily look on the web. There is some on-line information – Seoul with a great photo here. It was not hard to find a whole raft of pix relating to Beijing – it was obvious that something had to be done prior to the Olympics. 

All of this is distant. What upsets a number of US service members, civilians and Allies is having to live in Kabul. Kabul, because it is a large city, has cars, trucks, wood/dung/tire/trash providing fuel for heating fires. This winter has not been pleasant.  We are starting to see an number of articles in various papers, like here (but regular masks might filter out particles, not going to do anything for gases).

These –

pretty much speak for themselves.

From a military point of view – it can be a challenge.  It is not feasible to move the camps.  Much of the rest of the country is simply not this bad. (Leaving aside the Poo Pond). And it is considered radical to propose that people stop smoking, drink fluids and (gasp) forgo outside PT.

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