I was totally thrown off today by the schedule. It just never occurred to me that any reasonable Cruise Director would schedule a Meet and Mingle after lunch. Now, I happen to really enjoy this particular Cruise Director/Activities pair (married couple who were on the Enchantment in Fall 2012 and have been with RCI more than 20 years). So I took a deep breath and got over myself.

It helped that I know a fair number of the people, was able to peddle off a couple dozen more pins and had knitting.

Just like any morning there were stacks, non-alcoholic things to drink, announcements and a raffle. This particular group is rather active. In addition to the usual privately arranged tours the on ship activities include: cabin crawl, pub crawl/poker run, 2 slot pulls, craft group, scavenger hunt, gift exchange. I am sure that I have forgotten something, but one never gets it all the first time through.

The “Welcome Back Party” was held in two shifts as there is no way the theater can accommodate more than 1200 participants. Actually, the numbers are lower I think than on the Legend (where I think there were only a few handfuls who weren’t experienced cruisers).

Now all I have to do is finish up the lectures I promised to deliver and knit. And knit…. or read.

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