Actually on time!

In fact, early. So the only thing late at all about Thursday’s trip to UCSF is my delay in hitting the send button.

With our usual disorganization, there were five of us going in different directions, all at about the same time. Dani was headed out to a dog show, George had a business appointment, Noah had a job interview which left Alex with his 1330 Ortho appointment at the Mission Bay portion of UCSF. Obviously, this left me as the driver.

So off I went, early as usual since being late for an appointment means getting out really late and landing in absolutely horrible traffic. Mission Bay is also not exactly on BART – it would take BART to  Embarcadero, a transfer to the T line tram, then some more fussing around, And this is Alex, my wonderful SIL whose appointment was to asses his progress after his ankle surgery. I was not about to sentence him to pegging blocks on crutches.

You remember the whole saga about his broken ankle and the insurance fight to get his care authorized?  Anyway, after picking him up and grabbing him a latte to go before hitting the freeway, we fought our way through traffic that did not meet any criteria for fun. I dropped him off in front of the clinic building 50 + minutes after we left their house in El Sobrante. Which was about an hour before his appointment.

I then drove aimlessly till I finally found an on street parking slot and settled in for what I thought was a long wait. 1327 I get a text from Alex. He is done. X-rays, exam, follow up scheduled. And this is three minutes BEFORE his appointment was even scheduled to start.

Thrilled to say the least, since this meant less traffic going home. Dropping him off 30 minutes from picking him up, I am still impressed. An appointment  scheduled, kept, and actually finishing promptly!  And yes, he is healing well. PT will be the next step…

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