I love this town, sprawled across three islands and crawling up the side of the hills with houses clinging in places that wouldn’t be allowed in California. But then, I don’t think fire is a big issue here. And if rain was going to wash them away, well it would have happened several years ago. That is not to say that the city itself was not destroyed by fire in 1904, but just that today the rain seems to keep all those lovely stone and concrete buildings more than damp.

I’m not hiking up to the top of the mountain today. I have been up there to look down over the city the last three times I have been here. Today instead I am catching up on email and files (something ever so tempting about free high speed wifi in the local shopping center) as well as correspondence.

Of course, since I don’t need anything at all, I won’t be stopping at the new yarn store, the souvenir shops or any of the second hand locations….

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