a real mattress

It seems like so little, to have a bed with a real mattress, but it means a lot. Especially when you have spent the day wandering in and out of the PAX terminal just waiting to go anywhere.

Three flights of no PAX followed by a discussion of whether or not the one remaining flight was going to take PAX. A great NCO, after manifesting the reserved passengers and some returning R&R managed to jam me (the next DV on the list) and two more essential people. When we saw the cargo load, it was not surprising. I have never seen a hold that full.

We have had several days of high winds resulting in back up of both people and cargo.

Which takes me back to the mattress – billeting has redirected the field grade women again. Back to the Mods rather than the RSOI tent. Room with four bunks and some lockers other end of the haul from indoor plumbing. Functioning heat/cooling unit, lights, bedding and a fridge full of water.

Flying out last night, landing on the ramp out off the end of the earth and waiting forever for both bus and gear pallet, I obviously arrived in plenty of time for mulitple meetings this morning. They were long meetings, very long but probably accomplished a lot.

Kandahar has sunshine today and I am missing the snow projected for Bagram.

I am off again this afternoon, which is not bad. Other than having challenges getting to the Internet for private emails, I really like traveling around. Seeing the bases, doing what I can to support those accomplishing front line work is what makes this job fun.

Lighting a menorah in multiple cities just adds icing to the cake!

(no pictures today – no way to upload)

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2 Responses to a real mattress

  1. Mark says:

    We’ll be lighting my old mil issued Menorah in Nassau, Bahamas.

  2. Ron says:

    Amen to the bed and indoor plumbing. Hallmarks of civilization. I went a year on one of those low bid Army cots… my back hurts just thinking about sleeping on a cot.

    Thanks for doing what you are doing.

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