A real Coffee Table

This morning was cultural experience followed by a stop at wood carvers before we arrived at our overnight location about 1300.

Ngorongoro Farm is a working farm, coffee plantation and (in my opinion) a multiple star location.  Obviously we are not the only safari group coming through Рthis lodge is also highly popular with many of the German travel companies.

The Grounds:

Since coffee is a significant issue (9 acres of coffee and all served is their own)

But what was most surprising were the accommodations since they didn’t look like all that much from the outside.

the front of Mwewe (Eagle/Adler)

the front of Mwewe (Eagle/Adler)

But inside they are huge

And when I was sitting outside looking at the extensive gardens-

I almost forgot about the coffee table

The Coffee Table

The Coffee Table

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3 Responses to A real Coffee Table

  1. AlisonH says:

    Love the coffee table!

  2. Linda M. says:

    Is that the property Isak Dinesen worked in Out of Africa?

  3. carmen says:

    And I could quite get used to this, too. What a lovely place!

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