A moment

of silence please. Preferably this morning at 11 minutes past 1100.

You have to hand it to politicians who know how to create a memorable event keying in on numbers that are not easy to forget. Leaving aside, of course those who died in the intervening days between decision and proclamation.

Most in the US, since that particular was conducted at a distance experienced the effects in privation and loss of family and friends while those in Europe had their lands, homes and villages forever altered. Armistice Day was renamed to Veteran’s Day in 1954 to be more inclusive since WWII and the Korean War were fresher in most minds. Remembrance Day is another name for the same event.

I’m not on a ship today but still wearing the Poppy I picked up at Sandhurst the day before boarding the Escape.

Don’t thank those of us today for our service. Rather – remember those whose lives were sacrificed under orders from their countries. Those honest soldiers, sailors, airmen & marines – the rank and file of patriots serving their countries and leaving the politics for others.

Respect those who have gone before. Those of us who are living need to think about those who are not.

Ignore the commercialism. This is not a day for sales. It is a day to contemplate peace.

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