A kilo of Cherries – Ajaccio, Corsica

All of us were more than ready to get off the ship again. Stopping in Ajaccio, Cosica (known for the Bonaparte Family) feels somewhat like stopping in Malta. There is a limited amount of land on the island and you can walk most of what is interesting in less than a few hours. Admittedly, Corsica is much larger (and less dense in population) than Malta).

This was also a case where one almost literally fell off the ship and into the town. I spent a lovely couple of hours wandering through the pedestrian streets of the town, hiking up the side of the mountain and otherwise exploring the local area.

There were flowers in abundance – gardens, public parks and private yards. The streets were well kept and I finally got a shot down at the ship from above. The above just happened to be the front terrace of a local Klinik. Am not sure what would happen if you were unable to climb the flight of stairs from the street to the front door.

Before I forget (the picture is not here – I will stick it in the knitting post – I found a Phildar yarn store and was able to buy a 50 gm ball of dark blue yarn in order to mostly finish one of the scarves in progress.

On my way back to the ship I decided to buy lunch. For just a few Euros – I bought and ate a kilo of fresh French cherries; dark, sweet and just bursting with flavor.

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2 Responses to A kilo of Cherries – Ajaccio, Corsica

  1. AlisonH says:

    I keep coming back to the same thought, looking at your pictures: the US is such a young country!

  2. Pat says:

    The cherries, morning glory, and the tumbling blocks are my favorite parts of this one. But I have a soft spot in my heart for fruit and flowers. 🙂

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