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  1. Bring on the Cloud – well it might be a late comer but it will solve this decades long problem 🙂

    Glad you found something of value having kept your floppies for so long 🙂

    • I’ve had every kind of media fail over the years. I love using the cloud for temp, un critical backup. But give me 2-3x in hard media any day!

  2. Just be sure that USB A drive is duplicated or at least part of an ongoing backup scheme—they tend to wear out or break just like anything else connected with computers. Keeping you in thought and prayers.

    • Oh yah. Actually, I am tossing the puppies. They will go to the recycle center unless you want them?

  3. Hey…this brought back memories!

    Back when I built systems at work, one thing I put in the desktops were combo 5.25 / 3.14 drives…they fit in a standard desktop taking the place of one slot as they were doubledecker and with the change of one jumper, you could set it up as A or B….it didn’t care.

    • and there is probably only one other person reading this who might understand our geek speak!

  4. Hey! I do.. I’ve changed/added a few hard drives to my desk tops over the years. In fact I predate the 5.25 drives. My first computer was a Sega, yes the dame people, on whichI learnt to program in dos. It used magnetic audio tape for storage.

    • I knew exactly what you meant. You might win on those, but I still have …… punch cards!

  5. I could wish for those simplier times. My google keeps acting up and I’ve not figured out what is causing it. Agrrrr.

  6. I finally got rid of most of mine. Loaded the important things on an external drive and destroyed the rest…

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