A day with Shutterfly

which started to resemble the proverbial fish without a bicycle…

Remember that Carmen and I cruised on the Star Princess this past February. From San Francisco to the Mexican Rivera and back – we enjoyed some sunshine and several days of relaxation. As it turned out, other than the day of whale watching, I wasn’t all that concerned with taking pictures which is now presenting a bit of a challenge.

Unlike a couple of the other photo books which I made (other companies) the book planning methods are not particularly user friendly on this site. The live chat worked wonderfully well – at which point we figured out it was my browser causing the worst of the difficulties.

Why am I going through the effort? Can you spell Free Coupon which expires the end of this month. Prepaid by Princess, it would be a real shame to waste it, now wouldn’t it?

Meanwhile – the heat wave has just broken and the thunder is booming and roaring. George got the last of the laundry in before the skies let loose.

And Stu has volunteered 7950 as a new guess in the “how many books does this insane lady have” while Cat concurs that she might need another bookcase as most don’t realize how many books can be lovingly packed into a small space.

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