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  1. Oh…I have to tackle the whole phone thing at some point…Ilya kindly described my current one as pre-dinosaur – sigh. I still can’t send a text message and only found out how to read one when I made a doc’s appointment a few weeks back.
    Good luck with the new phone!

  2. Sorry to hear about your health issues Carmen and I will miss you on the Rhapsody, especially at Tea time. I’d say the same about your phone problems except all I could do was chuckle. So Apple isn’t perfect either.
    Good luck surviving the renovation. Sounds as if you’re in for a challenging few months. I am sure the 4 legged animals will love the construction going on under their feet.

    Trust that your starting to get ready for Hanukkah . All the best for the best for the holiday season and 2017

  3. I have always thought that there should be a wrist strap to connect to a cell phone so that if you’re using it as a camera (Iceland waterfall???) it could not slip out of your hand. I have not done a search, but it just seems like a good idea. Have you come across one?

    • actually – the really stupid thing was that I HAD the phone in such a case. It didn’t fall out of my hand while I was using it. It went out of my pocket as I was clambering along the upper edge with the good camera in my hand. So in an order of magnitude – losing the phone was a pain, but a lot cheaper than losing that camera and lens would have been…

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