41 Million. Why?

This at is the figure that the shuttle driver provided during the extremely short ride from where I was staying over to the Mall. Which Mall – that of America of course. After all, I flew into the MPLS-St Paul Airport.


That many people visit Mall of America every year? Why? Even if I subtract out the numbers for those who work there, it still makes the 5 Million a year who used to walk by our doors in Heidelberg seem paltry.

I took the shuttle over. I walked around. There are a lot of stores, most of which either strongly resemble national and international chains. Except for several which feature “Minnesota” souvenirs, books, t-shirts, magnets, slippers and recipe books. Otherwise? Mostly there are just a lot of stores, almost matched by the number of places where you can consume calories. The amusement park in the center runs year round, but by far the most popular is the water park on the lower level. Outdoor water sports aren’t possible most of the year – in winter it is cold, in summer there are mosquitos….

I was bored a lot more quickly than I expected and returned on the early shuttle. Hotel lobby with Wifi was much more peaceful.

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  1. Cat says:

    I take it there was a lack of craft supplies? No, yarn?

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