37 years

10 Sept 1978

10 Sept 1978

since I walked to the front of our local synagogue chapel with this shaggy haired bearded guy with us both looking probably like refugees from an early decade. I did forgo flowers for my hair and I wasn’t carrying any either. But long hair and large glasses were definitely in attendance.

We were embarking on a new stage of our lives; more or less in our own fashion. If anyone noticed, that Sunday certainly foreshadowed what our lives were going to be. Our path to that point hadn’t been traditional, why would we expect our future to be?

A couple of years ago I counted up moves, children, houses and countries lived in, cars and other challenges which we have survived over time. For almost ten consecutive years somewhere there in the middle we managed to be separated on both of our birthdays in addition to our anniversary. ┬áThis year is no different with me being the member strayed off in a foreign location (this year – Tanzania, mid-Atlantic and the Bay of Biscay. Next year will be at least a little bit better since right now we are actually both scheduled to be on the same trip in July (his birthday). Anniversary? Probably not, and I’m not one to make a lot of noise about mine.

I’m hoping we are improved models on what we were then – and a bit more mature. Certainly the hair has changed –


still with the glasses. + grey hair and laugh lines

still with the glasses. + grey hair and laugh lines

but looking from then to now – I see who we were and I can see where life has taken us. I’d like another 37 years, but am afraid I am going to have to settle for a lot less than that.

Check this date next year for the update.

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  1. Cat says:

    You are both looking good to me! When are you going to bring George to Downunder so we can meet him?

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