Sept 1978, a Sunday. Got married.

Am still married.

He is good people; not looking forward to yet another deployment. What he is looking forward to is my being home for good at the end of the time. After this year, we will most likely have all of our off spring out of the house. I will be retired from the military while he still has several years let with his firm

I think I love him enough to sort out the house (which, if you have ever seen our house, is not a small task. Never mind that a huge amount of the stuff might just be my books or fiber supplies).

It might just take a year or two. I might be able to spend time in Switzerland wandering around with the camera and occasionally consulting. I might be able to use up stash. I might read a few books. I might even nag him about weight, exercise and sensibility.

After all, 32 years is hardly anything. I would like 32 more.

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