31 Years

10 Sept 2009, Wednesday

In 1978, 31 years ago, the 10th of Sept fell on a hot Sept Sunday. Our friend Charlie was staying with us, being a general good guy and helping insure that the house was fit for a wedding reception that afternoon. The previous evening had seen a house full for dinner (with help from my Aunt Ruth).

At 1300, George and I walked together into the Beit Am at Mt Zion by Rabbi Leigh Lerner (who is now in Montreal – go figure) and walked out married 15 minutes later (we signed all the paperwork ahead of time). Arriving late for the ceremony meant that there were more than a few people who missed the whole thing.

We headed back to our house for an extremely simple reception.

1978 was a much different time. Each member of a couple keeping their own name was a rather new legal ability. (Fill in the bottom of the marriage certificate with “Groom’s name after marriage” and “Wife’s name after marriage”).

We had just purchased a house, I had finished an FP residency and was just starting out in private practice (The Victoria Clinic, named for the street). George was working for legal services. There were three couples who I viewed as our closest friends. The two couples who were not married at the time did so within the next couple of years; all three couples are still intact these 30+ years later inspite of children, job challenges and the normal aging process.

In the last 31 years, we have lived in more than a few houses and, collectively, five countries (US, Germany, Kuwait, Switzerland, UK). Our eldest is married, the next is studying in the US, our son is studying hard for his A levels this coming spring and the youngest is facing her last two years in preperation for her Abituer exams in spring 2011.

We have made it thus far, inspite the challenges of job separations along with the stresses of daily living. It once again is a year when we will not be together on either of our birthday’s or our anniversary. We email often, we talk daily.

Now, if we could agree on where we want to live when we retire (grin) …….

Camberley, Surrey

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3 Responses to 31 Years

  1. Ruth says:

    Mazel tov!! Thirty-one years is a true accomplishment in these days of ‘disposable’ marriages. Cheers to you, and here’s to thirty-one more. Slainte’.

  2. Melinda says:

    Congratulations! What an achievment, especially in these modern times.

  3. nana says:

    All the best for many more happy returnings of this anniversary.

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