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Please remember that inspite of living the last 15 years as an ex-pat I am still at heart an American. Besides being the Boy Scout oath of trustworthy, loyal etc. I have been known to be less than flexible and have some fairly high standards about performance. I am caught in a bit of truth in advertising; I tend to believe what stores have on their advertisements, especially when it comes to pricing or opening hours.

After all, it doesn’t make any sense to me to piss off (American here, as in get angry – not drunk) your customer base by lying about the basics.

And then there is Tesco’s Extra. Big signs all over the grounds

Open 24 hours

On the buildings

On the Building

The Fuel Point (aka gas station) with petrol pumps for diesel as well as the normal grades of premium and extra (what happened to regular? Did they think that it was uncool to drive somethign that took normal, ordinary octane fuel? But I digress). Was open with people at the pumps. It is also what all of us have begun to expect as a quick type stop to include various food stuffs, muchies, auto supplies, reading materials and a wall cooler full of beverages.

the petrol station

But what I really wanted you to see is this!
Closed door

can’t see it? How about this?

Tesco\'s rolled down doors

What you don’t see is the store open. Those are big steel doors rolled down. Walking around – an employee headed to his job told me “10 on Sunday.”

Not Open 24 Hours in my book.


Washed some fleece yesterday and took it back outside to dry again this morning.
Two bags of wool


Hyacinth took up much of the rest of my relaxing day.

After completing all of the repeats, I motored on through the 22(?) rows of the edging bemoaning that it was starting to feel too long for the needle.

Then I decided to add beads a few rows back from the edging. Floss threaders are great, but it still takes forever when adding a bead every five stitches across the rim while desperately hoping you have not dropped any of the yarn overs.
I like the way it looks and the pattern that developed
pattern in the shawl

Now I just have to fix one small place (something about not noticing one of those mentioned yarn overs which crawled back down a few rows) before blocking.

The shawl

Now – which of the UFOs should I start?

Books etc

Precious Dragon: an Inspector Chen Mystery by Liz Williams in hardback while I finished up Playing for Keeps by Mur Lafferty and am now on the fourth episode in South Coast. By Nathan Lowell, this book is also set in his Solar Clipper Universe.

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