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Lost day

AKA – more time spent on public transport than anything else…. Normally, when I have an appointment at the SFVA, since the pandemic, I have just taken to driving over extremely early, sitting in the car and knitting, then appointments, … Continue reading

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Progress plus

Since everyone seemed to like Alice, but really thought that the Bewitching Pixies was ever so cute – she is the one I went for. there were about 350 black beads to add along edges, the band on her hat, … Continue reading

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Choices, choices

Unlike all those planners out there, I really haven’t made significant craft plans or goals for this year. It isn’t so much wanting to avoid pressure on those days where pressure is totally and completely unwelcome. It is more that … Continue reading

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Houses & Visitors

Let’s start with the visitor – Along the way – we have brave flowers which have decided to bloom in January – move on to starting the Feb chart of this year’s Cottage Garden Samplings “Fabulous Houses” which is going … Continue reading

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The Beaver – all 12 now complete!

And here he is in all his glory. Just to recap – he was the Nov 2022 chart of Cottage Garden Samplings “Year in the Woods.”  He is stitched on a 16 ct fabric from BeStitchMe that she dyed especially … Continue reading

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Port of LA

AKA San Pedro.  We were docked at the Pier before 0600. The view of the sunrise which was also right after 0600 – was amazing. And even the cranes looked interesting against the sky As a turnaround day, the ship … Continue reading

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Too many children

Ok, this is a sea day and everyone is running around the ship looking for things to do. There are about 3k worth of passengers which has become way too many for me to deal with. Worse – over 600 … Continue reading

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Cheers with….

Unlike some of my more recent cruises on Royal (see Symphony in March and Quantum in Oct/Nov) there were a limited number of senior loyalty members on this cruise. About 65 all told in the above 350 nights category.  So … Continue reading

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Opening Hours

and here we are in Puerto Vallarta. The ship is docked in the usual place. There is also the Carnival Panorama which pulled into port a couple of hours after us. It makes for business at the Sam’s Club and … Continue reading

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Blue Line again

I didn’t remember that I had been to this port just last year until after Miriam and I were off ship, through all the tour hawkers and across the street. There is was – the sign for the “Linea Azul” … Continue reading

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Not tenderized

Today, after sailing past/through a pod of whales (long past by the time I grabbed my phone and ran down 8 flights of stairs….) we arrived in Cabo San Lucas about 30 minutes ahead of schedule. This particular stop, a … Continue reading

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A different elevator music

Didn’t most of us grow up with Muzak – aka – elevator music? Well, Miriam spotted an alternative this evening. Music in an elevator. Right, From a piano. And the piano is in the elevator – It is one of … Continue reading

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And it is the Navigator again

But not the same route that the Eldest, the Toddler and I sailed last year about this time. The actual itinerary is : Friday, January 19 Los Angeles (San Pedro), CA 4:00pm Saturday, January 20 At Sea Sunday, January 21 … Continue reading

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The day started with errands and ended with me being ready to head to bed early.  Packing took me all of 10 minutes at least for the clothing portion. As soon as I finish up this note – I will … Continue reading

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I needed to charge one of my camera batteries. The catch? The charger I have is 220…. So I went looking for adapter plugs – I have US to UK, OZ, EU …. what I needed was EU -> US … Continue reading

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And it only took twice as long as I had planned. Originally, I had contemplated about an hour per item and that worked well for the first three. Not much stitching, everything fit exactly where it was supposed to. The … Continue reading

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Today was pretty much a PITA.  My plan had been simple: listen to an audiobook or two: sort out some floss; finish backstitching the Death of Rats; and machine embroider a bunch of kitchen towels for a nurse that I … Continue reading

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The afghan is growing – in fact, I just started the second ball – The backstitching is about ½ complete – I just have a bit more to add on the cape, one word to stitch, outline the top of … Continue reading

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quicker stitch

Today was what I love to have as a weekend day – other than a brief run to get a fancy latte and get George to an appointment (we left home right after 0800 and were back by 0915) I … Continue reading

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Tired just contemplating

The list of errands that I ran today – here to El Sobrante to breakfast to Costco to Richmond to El Sobrante to home. And it was early afternoon and headed out again to Mountain Hardware to Target to home. … Continue reading

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