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Halloween at Sea

Today being both Halloween and out first full day on the ship I expected some kind of “celebration.” Turned out there were a couple of events. Neither \compared to the party on an NCL ship’s trans-Atlantic maiden voyage several years … Continue reading

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Japan -> Hong Kong

Just in case you like your information in shorter bites – the first segment of our cruise  is Japan to Hong Kong and looks like this on the map – and here is the day to day  list: Monday, October … Continue reading

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Japan – Australia

First – the visual takes us down to Bali. with some more clarity on the Indonesian and Philippine ports and the Australian ports   Monday, October 30 Tokyo (Yokohama), Japan7:00pm Tuesday, October 31 At Sea Wednesday, November 1 Kobe, Japan7:00am11:59pm Thursday, November 2 Tomonoura, Japan11:00am7:00pm … Continue reading

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Too fancy for postcards

As our youngest appreciates postcards (I sent them to her while she was in the US at University and I was traveling) my payback for taking me to the airport at  ungodly hours is re-establishing the habit of collecting postcards … Continue reading

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Jumping ahead 18 hours

Yes, that is correct – 18 hours gone in the blink of an eye. First, of course you have to get boarded on your Air Canada Flight 3, find your seat, stash the backpack overhead and figure out all the … Continue reading

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Leaving on a jet plane

You might be old enough to remember the Peter, Paul & Mary song. Not, obviously, if you are my children’s generation. But for those of us who were teens in the 1960s, folk music and social change were as important … Continue reading

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Too large for hats

We had this brilliant idea, the Eldest & I, of putting a couple of Lev’s favorite character on hats to help encourage him to wear said hats. I found out very quickly that even using waste canvas, stitching on a … Continue reading

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almost a week

of complete wipe out. No clue why I had such a miserable reaction to my boosters. But that was last Tuesday morning followed by my eye exam that afternoon. I was feeling pretty lousy by the time I managed to … Continue reading

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brilliant supper

and one that I didn’t have to cook. Nor did George for that matter.  Our neighbors two doors up the hill invited us. He is a retired architect who loves cooking. Those are roasted potatoes, roasted Brussel Sprouts and .. … Continue reading

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out my craft room window Right now the sun is setting almost directly over the Golden Gate Bridge. The body of water there is the San Francisco Bay and the tiny lower bit of land visible is the Berkeley Marina

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Bleh –

After being such a good girl yesterday and getting both my flu and Covid boosters, I paid for it today. Tired when I got up, I dragged myself over and picked up Alex for our weekly breakfast at Mel’s. After … Continue reading

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Four quilts and an Otter

I think it was back in June when I promised the Eldest that I would convert four pre-printed panels into quilts as she had friends having babies. No problem, due dates were July to Sept. And then there was this … Continue reading

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Remember when I mentioned (ok, so it wasn’t all that) that it took forever to get through immigration in Seattle? The lovely couple standing behind me in line turned out to live in Oakland less than 20km from where I … Continue reading

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Black is 310

In DMC floss. I have two current projects that have more 310 than anyone would want to have. There is “All Hallows Eve”  a SAL by Tiny Modernist in 4 parts. I pretty much knocked off July, Aug & Sept … Continue reading

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many migraines

I really didn’t feel I deserved to wake up with a migraine this morning. My plan had been to spend about an hour on Zoom with friends in the UK, then head to Avenue Yarns for the Sunday Knitting group. … Continue reading

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Avoiding SAN

Today was a goat rope, in one of the worst ways. The heavy fog early this morning which didn’t roll out till after 0700 wasn’t anyone’s fault, but it proceeded to really mess up everything. Where shall I start? Oh, … Continue reading

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Tender Ports

The sunrise was beautiful   In this case, tender has nothing to do with emotions – rather the placing of a ship at anchor followed by transporting passengers between ship and shore by means of smaller craft. In this case, … Continue reading

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Radiance OTS – harbor seals

Now, it seems that just about all the cruise lines that come into San Pedro list the port stop on their itineraries as Los Angelas. The cruise portion of the port is listed as the “World Cruise Center” which is … Continue reading

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Radiance OTS – a mostly foggy day

This morning the sun rise was beautiful which, I think is why we were all surprised as we headed down the Pacific Coast. Yes, the Captain had warned us about the restrictions requiring cruising speed of no more than 10 … Continue reading

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Radiance OTS – another luncheon

This was my third time in the main dining room so far this since we left Vancouver the first time. It is not completely that I want to avoid the dining room. Rather it is that I prefer to not … Continue reading

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