11 – count ’em

Or something like that.

I am cranking steadily down my to-do list. And, when sanity hits, I am even taking a few moments for reading and knitting.

What I have to really do in the next 24 hours is figure out why it seems that everything has expanded all over the house like an explosion of books and cds. And how, of course, I am going to manage to pack it all in the car since it really looks like I might have the Mole as a passenger going back to Germany.

His ship is still out there – not the first of the Tall Ships by any means, but certainly not the last.

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One Response to 11 – count ’em

  1. Cat says:

    Right, tell the Mole to put his roller blades on (safer than the skateboard), tie a tow line on the rear and pull him back to Germany. That will leave space for the books. 🙂

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