Machine Embroidery

When we lived in Germany, I had a lovely Pfaff machine complete with all sorts of attachments. I kept promising myself that I would learn how to use it, but somehow all of those plans fell into the “do it later” box. Since the machine was 220v, it stayed behind and gained a new household.

That was end of 2015. Fast forward to Fall of 2016. I had started to acknowledge that there were some medical issues to which I had to attend and my plans to travel a lot were going to be impeded for a while. I decided to replace the sewing machine.

Guess what? Pfaff, which I have been loyal to since 1981 has been (pick one) sold/ reorganized/relocated. The important point? The machines are no longer being made in Germany. As my serger had also found a new home (same issue, 220v) I went for replacing them both. End result? I took home a lovely Baby Lock Serger and a Husqvaran Epic (Viking).

Then life sort of handed me a time out. I managed to make big plans (!) and gather supplies. Not that I need stash for one more hobby but since my current incomes exceeds my expenditures and I am saving a lot by not traveling, I am not feeling at all guilty about buying some designs. And then there is the matter of stabilizers, thread, extra hoops, bobbins, blanks…. Anyway, you get the idea.

Over the past couple of years – I have found that the embroidery designs on both Urban Threads and Embroidery Library as two excellent on-line sources. They both have frequent sales. Which means, of course, that I have designs that I “might use” but then again, might not. I’ve had excellent luck with Isacord’s Poly as embroidery thread. Can definitely not say the same thing for Embroidrx’s thread bargains. They are bargain, only if your don’t care about buying thread that breaks and snarls. I will ignore the issue completely about the thread numbers only being on the plastic wrapper. A Laundry marker on the inside of the base solves that problem. Provided you figure it out early.OTOH, their metal embroidery hoops are excellent and significantly less expensive than the brand name items.

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