UFO’s 2007

Works in Progress & UFOs

Knitting Projects

Cottonwood Vest – started April 07

The cottonwood vest is from Folk Vests by Cheryl Oberle. I am making out of Siena merino from Rödel in color 9906 which is a kind of burgundy for the main color. The contrast color is the fire corriedale that I just finished spinning. After spending a small amount of time swatching, I wound up adjusting the pattern significantly, since I don’t want a vest that is all that big around, and the gauge that is best with this yarn combination is 6.222stitches/per inch. This will give me four repeats of the pattern on each front and 8 across the back. Since this is knit in the round with steeks, I just have to make sure that I keep everything lined up. I will cast on 9 April for the facing on 4,0 mm needles before going up to 4,5 for the body of the vest. One of the other reasons for being so careful is that I only have the 500 meters of handspun. After that I am out of luck.

Not quite UFOs

Yet another orphan sock – 2005?
Regia Yarn Sock Regia Yarn Sock

Bavarian Twisted Stitch Socks 2001?
Regia Yarn Sock

old, old, orphan

old, old, orphan

Odd Ball Cardigan 2000->

Then there is the odd ball cardigan I started to use up handspun. The difficulty is that I have several skeins left of handspun, but I am out of the white (commercial yarn). Now, I can just turn it into a bit of a wierd vest, or find some more white. This decision hasn’t been made for well over a year.

For the moment, the rest of the bags are staying shut
And then there are those projects that really are UFOs. If I get the camera out and do photos, posting them perhaps it will be the boost that I need to finish off a few more?

Spinning Projects

This project is Janet Szabo’s Shawl Collared Aran and here rather than above because the whole thing is handspun. Started with remainders from Brown Sheep. The White&Brown was spun into a single, then plied with a single from the cream mixed roving. that I think I have more than enough yarn spun, but have not touched the knitting since last winter. I might actually like to wear it sometime before spring. The only problem is that I have to find the pattern. I have the charts where I have substituted cables, but I am missing the saddle cable and the basic directions. OTOH, I can probably make it up from here, since this is a top down sweater and I just need to keep going till it is long enough + ribbing. 15 Feb 2007 – Since the Nußloch Spinzirkl met tonight, I took the opportunity to spin another bobbin of singles. That almost completes the fine white&cream blend ply that I will need. I promised to bring it along next time ~1 March, so I am planning on getting at least one sleeve done by then. I only started it in Jan 2005….

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