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Finished Projects

Knitting Projects

2007 Projects
Umm – Looks like I have not updated this page for a while (and this is the last day of 2007, so I guess I will take time away from the current knitting project to do so. Once I started up with the blogging, this static page has not been formost on my to do list. If you want to see knitting items in progress, bounce over to Proseknitic.

Chinese Vest from Folk Vests – April 2007
Chinese Red Vest – secondChinese Red Vest FinishedChinese Red Vest Detail

This vest was started in 2004 and finished 5 April 2007. I had knit in one piece past split for armholes. I finally found the book and made a working copy of the pattern. This became my project for the Red Sweater KAL as well as my contribution to our MarchMadness group for the “Finish your UFOs in April”. The yarn is called For You and is made by Gedifra. Each 50 gm ball was ~125m. The vest was knit on 3,5 mm ebony circulars. As I did not like the single purl edging to the armholes, I added a scaled down band to match the front facings and neck band. Honestly, it still needs buttons, but since I never button anything up, button lack will not stop me from wearing it.

Sweater Vest – March 07
Sweater Vest Flat Sweater Vest Sweater Vest

This is an absolutely easy vest knit in one piece. Again, the pattern is from Mac & Me and is simply called Sweater Vest. I knit it in yarn purchased on sale from Webs on 6,0 mm needles.

Half-Circle Baby Cardigan – March 07
Sweater for Emma Sweater for Emma

For Emma who was born in Oct 06. She is always in pink. Always. The yarn is Sienna-Stripes from Rödel, in pink-rosa. Knit on 4,0 mm ebony needles, the ribbing pattern went reasonably fast. The pattern is from Mac & Me and features a unique construction. The directions are not particularly clear on the sewing together and the grafting was a pain and un-necessary. I found the short-rows easy, but I would not classify this as a beginners pattern (like the Fiber Trends).

Back Zip Baby Jackets – 2007
the pile of jackets in progress One of the Twins And the other Twin The finished twins tigers

It seems like babies are breaking out all over. So the girls and I tackled Fiber Trend’s Back-Zip Baby Jacket . The babies included a pair of twins who checked around 2kg at 34 weeks Early Feb), another young man who was born on Feb 16th at 5#5oz, and the last young man who was born 27 March 07. I have all the details here.

The yarn is Sienna and Sienna stripe , a washable merino from Rödel. It takes 3 balls of the multi-color and one of contrast all knit on 4,0 mm needles. The pictures show completed jackets, followed by pictures of two of the sweaters on their owners and the pile of jackets when they were in progress. I will add pix of the last sweater when I have it.

March Madness Sweater – 14 March 2007
THe start of the project the body of the sweater

Checking out the first sleeve The finished sweater The finished sweater I joined a Knit-Along group doing a simple sweater. Started by Michelle of The Sweet Sheep, we are all reporting our progress on The March Sweater Madness Blog.I started with the yarn a couple of days late, but had an easy time. The yarn is Shelridge Farms in Misty Blue and the trim is some handpun merino I did a couple of years ago. I sailed through the back and front, and had to wait till Miriam was home on the weekend (9 March) to check out the sleeve length. The hand from the back is Nina, otherwise hiding and able to stay out of the picture. I finished it up mid-week, even blocking it.
Rock and Weave Socks – Jan 2007
Rock and Weave Rock and Weave on Foot

The sock yarn and pattern both came from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. The Pattern is Rock and Weave, while the yarn is a medium weight of Jingle Bell Rock

The rest of the socks can be found here
2006 Projects
Handspun Merino Scarf- Dec 2006
Miriam’s Scarf The pattern came from Stephanie McPhee-Pearl’s Yarn Harlot Blog – Oct 12, 2006 to be specific. It is a lovely one rown pattern. The roving came from Winderwood Farm (purchased on Ebay) and was spun in fine singles and then plyed. It made a lovely, soft springy yarn which I then knit on 3.5 mm needles.

Fountain Lace Scarf- Dec 2006
Detail from the Fountain Lace Scarf

Both yarn and pattern came from Webs. The pattern is found in the Valley Farms listing.

Cardigan 2006
Sweater-hand knit Noro-handknit sweater

Noro knitting yarn, pattern from Knitters. It is the same sweater in both pix, just with and without flash.

Bias Knit Vest 2006
Transitions Vest

pattern by Rick Mondragon. Made from Noro Transitions. I actually followed the pattern on this one. No way to decrease the number of pieces, but you can still knit things together rather than grafting.

One Skein Hat 2006
Kureyon Hat

Kureyon, left from the sweater. The pattern comes from Floryknits

Kolsva Striped Sweater 2006
Miriam’s Sweater

pattern addapted from Cladia Hamilton’s Kolsva – yarn from Rödel, Arizona 120m/100g. Knit on 8mm needles. Knit in one piece. Circular to the neck and arms. Shoulders knit together, sleeves knit top down with short rows for the caps. Open type cowl neck picked up, knit in rib, then folded to the inside, stitches pulled through the caston, then bound off.

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Sparreholm Vest 2006
Started sleeveless Sweater Sweater texture Completed Vest

Pattern from Claudia Hamilton, knitting yarn silk garden. Pattern altered to knit in one piece – i.e. circular, rather than flat. I finished it off with a high collar because I was out of yarn. Then I found another partial skein which will probably be enough for a hood. Now the question is whether or not I really want go undo the bind off and knit the hood.

Bettna 2006
Started long sleeve Sweater Finished

Pattern from Claudia Hamilton. Kureyon. In progress with the bottom 1/2 and a sleeve started. Then the completed sweater The pattern calls for kntting the bottom half in three pieces, each of the sleeves flat and a lot of seaming. The construction was interesting as I knit it essentially in three pieces, attaching each sleeve to the body as I came to the underarm area, picking up and knitting on the live stitches from the upper edge of the bottom section at the end of each row. Then I added on the front edging all in one using a three stitch decrease in the point of the back on every other row.

Spinning Projects

Crown Mountains Fire Roving
The Yarn The Yarn On the hasple The Yarn

The ~8ozs of roving netted me around 500 meters of 2 ply yarn. Purchased from Crown Mountain Farms, this was a dyed pencil roving of Corriedale. I spun it on the Timbertops Chair Wheel, then plyed it on the clunker of a Dutch wheel that just happens to have 8 oz capacity bobbins.

Plyed Llama – Jan 2007
Two ply spun llama Two ply spun llama

There was this bag of hand dyed LLama from Winderwood Farm that I took along to the Nußloch Spinzirkel on 6 Dec 06. I finished up spinning and plying it on the weekend. As a two ply, you can see the comparison to a 2.5 mm needle. No clue what I am going to do with it yet.

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