Is a challenge run by the folks at as a 13 day challenge. From 19 Oct – 31 Oct 2019 the requirement is to stitch at least an hour a day. For those on Facebook – post starting and ending pictures every day. For the rest of us – email to Donnett. I figure I will post them here, rather than the main portion of the blog since this will be an anniversary present for Dani and Alex. Leaves me till 14 Nov to get it complete.

14 Count Aida in parchment. The thread is DMC 939 (rather than black. I have an abundance of both in any case) stitching will be four strands.


19 Oct

and, after looking at the pattern for a while, I decided to switch to C823 for the next set of words just to add a bit of sparkle. Since this particular floss is a bit fluffy, three strands are providing good coverage.

20 Oct

after an hour (or so)

I am actually using a timer to make sure that I am stitching at least an hour (for the challenge) and then going on as I have time. Since this takes some, but not an intense amount of concentration (ok, I have had to take out three stitches twice) I am also listening to short stories (Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s Paladin series

21 Oct

1 hour. 21 Oct 2019


22 Oct

23 Oct

24 Oct

I should mention as well that I am also using some of the light effects threads. DMC E series. that includes the castle (I will never ever try four strands of metallic again by that method), the Star Wars shield (see previous comment). The Galaxies comment was stitched in C (?). From there – I went with one strand each of C & E – doubled with the needle in the middle and knotted at the end. Almost no fraying. Stitching carefully – the Dalek (E317) , and the Enterprise (E415&C318) were a breeze compared to the previous areas. Of note – from a meter a way – you can’t see much of a difference in the two methods. And one uses a lot less metallic.

25 Oct

and to see my starting point – end of the row above

after an hour..

26 Oct

27 Oct

28 Oct

a bit of a detour to another project

days start

finish for the day

29 Oct

the game controller

30 Oct

finished today –

31 Oct

——————- 8-< ———- cut line —————–

and I finished the cross-stitch today – 10 Nov.

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