Fractals –

rather than have each fractal on its’ own page, I am consolidating them.

Adding them in no particular order (which I may later sort)

  1.  Fractal 53

And, as it should be no surprise – a new Fractal. Again from ClikNStitch as a download. The fabric is 14 count Aida in Pacific Blue. Which I picked for no reason other than it is bright. The finished size will be the same as the previous fractal.

23 Dec 2016


13 July 2016

13 July 2016

Started 1 Feb with me even getting the sewing machine out to finish off the edges. What became quickly obvious with this pattern is that there are reasonably good size areas of solid color so that the stitching is proceeding much faster than either of the two previous cross-stitches.


2.   Fractal 229

pattern purchased from ClickStitch. Fabric Aida 14 neon green. Started ~ 20 Dec. The following are progress photos till completion. The finished size should be ~ 5.25″ by 14″. 75×200 stitches.

There are close to 100 colors so I have no idea why I decided to start with this one, rather than the alternative with only about 50 colors….

The most recent photo is at the top for easier view of my progress



and the daily progress photos….




3.   Fractal 363

Fractal 363

Is my next project to be started 7 Jan 2017 – finished – 6 Feb 2017.  75 x 200 it is stitched on 14 count Navy Aida cloth. The stripes are stitched, the background is not. Translates to as much as 1/3 may well turn out to be canvas… Rather than do a stitch count off – there are 150 squares each 10×10 and I will count progress by the number of squares finished (and yes, 2 of the 1/2 squares will count as one).

Updates –

Fractal 363 – Finished 6 Feb 2017


Alternate 363

The Fractal portion that I downloaded for the other cross-stitch project was taken from a larger version of 363 that looks something like this

at a size of about 300 x 300


It has turned out to be enough fun that I decided to cross-stitch a different section in a close, but not identical color choice.

30 Jan 2017 – and done


So – progress –

22 Jan 2017


And what I am finding is a bit of “do it myself” to prevent the colors in the center section from blurring together too much

5.  Fractal 322

While I was in Queensland, I picked up the fabric for another Fractal cross stitch. I have fabric with me, but the patterns are hard copy and seem to have taken a trip back to California when I wasn’t been careful on packing. So the patterns I had in PDF all, of course, needed a different size fabric from what I had. That, and I wanted to stick with something for which I essentially already had the threads.

So there I was, back on ClicknStitch. Fractal 322, in the bookmarks fit the bill. About 26 colors (of which I had all but 4, bought 2, Jill gave me two.

starting in the lower left

starting in the lower left

So started in Queensland ~ 22 April.

as of 28 April

as of 28 April

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