Cross Stitch

(page is a placeholder so hopefully the menus will nest properly) WordPress nests by alphabet, rather than date. Just saying…

14 Nov 2022 – quietly taking the opportunity to do a bit of updating. Rather sensible considering the last time I looked at these pages was about June of 2020. A lot has been completed since them. Not completely finished, mind you…

10 April 2023 – yes, right and everything always gets done on time….. not. Looking at various ways of organizing this mess

Which is my storage method. Pants hangers (about 6 of them) with multiple finished projects hanging from each. It keeps me a lot more aware than the traditional “box under the bed” would.

I am leaving the older project pages alone for now, but will start just organizing by year as that seems the most sensible. From there – it is a matter of deciding if I future just go in order finished or sort by designer. There are pluses and minuses both ways. The first option is frankly easier – at least as far as finding photos…

19 April 2024 – Perhaps there is something about April? The rain? My lack of grabbing a ship and sailing somewhere? In any case, I have been steadily working down the WIP pile since the first of this year and making serious progress,,,

Projects prior to 2019.

Completed in 2019. This page is obviously not complete. Eventually (by the end of this year – 2024, I am intending to insert all my projects from that year. If I can figure out what was finished that year….

Completed in 2020

Completed in 2021

Completed in 2022

Completed in 2023

Completed in 2024

and the following legacy pages will remain till I can move things around

Current Works in Progress (aka WIPs) are here

(Completed 30 June 2020) is Farewell to Anger

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