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Yom Kippur Reflections — 4 Comments

  1. I’m glad to hear of your persistent practice of Judiasm. And I relate 100% to your disregard for time and you regard for the purpose of repetition during Yom Kippur service. Yes, the Army doesn’t make it easy; maybe akin to don’t ask/don’t tell.

    My shortest but most gratifying high holy day experience in the Army or ever was in 2005 at Abu Ghraib. Just me and a rifleman from the 11th ACR. He came to the CSH because he figured he’d find a Jew there. I was there on a brief Reserve mobilization and brought my Mahzor Hadash with me. We zipped thru some essential elements in the hour’s time we could steal from our duties. There was something meaningful about being in the fertile crescent and Saddam’s former turf and performing Jewish ritual. Afterward I had a long discussion with five Sunni translators about the similarities between Islam and Judaism and the practices of the days of awe and ramadan which was also ongoing. There was pleasant agreement which left me wondering: so what’s the problem?

    Happy New Year. Thanks for your continuing service. Be safe in your travels and at your new destination.

  2. Sounds like your fast was easy, and the spirit of Yom Kippur was with you. Have Healthy and Sweet New Year.

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