yes, knitting

It wouldn’t be a good idea to let a week go by without saying something about knitting.

Two projects complete since the last time I think I posted anything:

A hitchhat for me (70 stitches, size 2.5 needles

Crazy Zauberball

Crazy Zauberball

The matching scarf

scarf messy

scarf messy

scarf neat

scarf neat

which has the distinction of being a full 42 thumbs.

Somewhere along the line I managed to misplace a cloth bag containing three hats for Dani. I still had one that needed the ends woven in. Now I am just searching vainly for which box, room, location is hiding them from me. Could be Seattle but I am thinking San Francisco.

purple #4

purple #4

Now on the needles:
have a cruise companion who’s daughter is presenting her with the first grandchild in Nov. She is just starting to knit so I thought I might contribute a jacket to the critter.

drops pattern - all garter

drops pattern – all garter

I like the pattern but it is coming out a bit denser than I had planned. Also I calculated the yarn and don’t think there is enough given this is mill ends from Schoppel. Might just frog and alternate bands of garter with plain.

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2 Responses to yes, knitting

  1. AlisonH says:

    I love love love all the knitting! And I hope you get the other back. I have a tendency to stick a business card in with my knitting projects in case I ever lose one. (And in my new raincoat pocket, and and and. Not that I ever *cough* leave things behind.)

  2. Holly says:

    Unfortunately, the most likely location is the hotel room in which we stayed. If it didn’t turn up that first day, it isn’t going to. Either some mom now has hats for her daughters or it was tangled up in bedspreads and has taken a trip through the washing/cleaning process…..

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